Food Waste Posters and Infographics

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About 1/3rd of all food produced globally is lost or wasted. The impacts of all this waste are gargantuan and varied. If food waste were a country it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world after the U.S. and China, food that’s later wasted accounts for about 25% of all freshwater usage in America, the energy embodied in this forsaken food could power hundreds of millions of homes, the list goes on and on. Global attention is just turning to food waste, so it’s no surprise that individuals are increasingly looking for resources like food waste posters and infographics to foster interest, disseminate information, and support meaningful conversations on this important issue. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of several sources of food waste poster and infographics here to support this important movement.

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Food Waste Posters and Infographics

Stop Food Waste

  • Stop Food Waste is the campaign to reduce household food waste in the U.S. led by the EPA. Their resource center has a slew of visual resources focused on reducing food waste including posters, meal planners, pocket guides, and more.


  • Canva is a leading free design tool that offers myriad templates and the ability to easily edit them. Their repository of food waste oriented poster templates is impressive, with 32 ready to go templates to choose from.

Save The Food

  • Save The Food is a food waste focused campaign by the National Resource Defense Council that provides an array of different printable or digital resources to utilize. In addition to posters you can also use their social media templates to spread the word about fighting food waste digitally.


  • The USDA is one of the main federal agencies focused on the food waste issue alongside the EPA and FDA. As such, it creates a set of resources for various stakeholders to use. 

Too Good To Go

  • Too Good To Go is a company primarily focused on selling food that would otherwise have gone to waste. Given that food waste prevention is core to their mission it’s no surprise they also offer a healthy selection of resources focused on the food waste issue, including a slew of posters and infographics.

We hope the above food waste posters and infographics help you in the journey to fight food waste. If you have a poster or infographic you’d like to include here please drop us a line at

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