Food Waste Memes

[ This article is part of our series of articles about food waste and how to prevent it ]

Love it or hate it, memes are a widely used and tremendously impactful format in which information and ideas are spread in today’s day and age. That’s why in support of our perpetual quest to fight the gargantuan food waste problem we’ve created a series of food waste memes for those interested in leveraging this modern format to spread the message of tackling food waste. We hope the below memes are helpful in your own efforts to fight food waste, or at the very least provide some levity for this otherwise serious matter.

P.S. If memes aren't your preferred format, or you're just looking for more information on the matter, check out our list of Food Waste Quotes, Food Waste Infographics, or our Food Waste Resource Directory for a listing of high quality sources of information on the food waste issue.

A Selection of Food Waste Memes

A Food Waste meme of Bernie Sanders asking people once again to please stop wasting food

We hope these food waste memes help you in your own effort to fight food waste. If you come across any food waste memes you think ought to be added, or create one yourself that you’d like to have included here, please contact us at While these memes bring some humor to the matter, the reality is that food waste is hard to prevent. If you’re interested in automating much of the work required to reduce food waste at home, check out the Budgeat app.

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