Fueled by Culinary Devotion and Empowered by Environmental Awareness

Our team is dedicated to delivering a thoughtful digital experience that reflects our unwavering love for food and our planet.

Our Mission

To help people make the most of the food they buy. We empower everyone to eat better, while reclaiming time, cutting costs, and saving food. With our innovative technologies we enable individuals to fully utilize the groceries they bring home, furthering our goals of protecting the environment, allowing finite budgets to stretch further, and fostering more equitable nutritional access for everyone.

Our Vision

Revolutionize the way the world eats at home. We see a future where technology empowers individuals to turn their kitchens into hubs of sustainability, resourcefulness, and creativity. Through our work, we strive to transform how people view food, leading to a healthier planet and happier people.

Our Values

We are devoted to sustainability, forging a brighter future by curbing food waste's environmental impact. Our commitment to empowerment propels us to help individuals get the most from their food, fostering positive change in homes and communities. Embracing innovation, we use technology to find imaginative solutions for the global food waste issue.

Meet our Foodie Founders

Alex Munoz - Budgeat CEO

Alex Munoz

Chief Executive Officer

Alex has over 13 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry, serving in various leadership positions for upscale and iconic hotels and restaurants. Prior to founding Budgeat he served as Managing Director at Xiquet in Washington, D.C. where his team earned its first Michelin star under his leadership. He is passionate about making good food more accessible and reducing food waste. Alex brings a wealth of professional culinary, hospitality, and management experience to the team.

Adam Fry - Budgeat COO

Adam Fry

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to joining Budgeat Adam worked for 6 years at Iora, a healthcare startup focused on improving health outcomes for older adults, which was acquired by One Medical for $2.1B. He held various operations and finance positions during his tenure, including overseeing the creation of the Strategic Finance team in his role as Sr. Director of Strategic Finance. He brings substantial operations and finance experience, particularly in the context of a rapidly scaling startup.

Nicolas Munoz - Budgeat CTO

Nicolas Munoz

Chief Technology Officer

Nicolas is a technical jack of all trades, combining the skills of a full stack developer with the innovative “30,000 foot view” of a leader. He has an insatiable appetite for continuous technological improvement balanced with a pragmatic approach to product development and understanding of business needs. Prior to joining Budgeat he worked for nearly 10 years at the asset management firm GMO where he led several teams focused on launching, maintaining, and improving a range of internal and external systems.

Proud members of ReFED, a renowned authority on food waste reduction, we take pride in contributing to their impactful initiatives and collectively working towards a more efficient food system.
Chipotle Chicken Rice Bowl
Mango Chicken Salad
Quinoa Black Bean Salad