10 Next-Level Lazy Sunday Dinner Ideas

By the time Sunday comes around, it's normal to feel tired of thinking about what you're going to cook. Your fridge looks sparse, and you simply want to relax without chores. We've all been there, and there's no shame in wanting to have a lazy Sunday dinner so you can get back to your Sunday Funday.

However, just because you're feeling a little lazy doesn't mean your dinner can't be delicious! If low-effort gourmet is what you're looking for, we're here to help. We've compiled a list of 10 lazy Sunday dinner ideas with few ingredients, minimal prep time, and big flavor! 

Continue reading to feel inspired by each recipe.

1. Fried Rice

One of the best things about fried rice is how interchangeable the ingredients are. All you truly need is rice and soy sauce. From there, you can get creative with whatever you have left in the fridge. Add any vegetables (frozen or fresh), eggs, protein, and viola! Your lazy Sunday dinner is served.

For inspiration, check out the 15-minute recipe from The Spruce Eats.

2. Veggie Pasta

Another fantastic way to use up your remaining vegetables is by adding them to pasta. You can make a healthy dish from broccoli, peas, spinach, mushrooms, eggplant, and more in minutes. Add olive oil or butter and parmesan, or complete the meal with a jar of your favorite pesto or red sauce. It's truly delicious and easy!

Want some guidance? Discover Jenny Can Cook's 15-minute masterpiece!

3. Mediterranean Platter

Although it's not as straightforward, a Mediterranean platter with hummus, jarred artichokes, pita, olives, and more can come together in minutes and requires simple assembly rather than cooking. So, if you hope to skip doing the dishes tonight, this is the way to go. We love to add anything in the fridge that can be dipped or spread. Not only does this make for an easy dinner, but it can also be a great snack as you kick back and binge watch Netflix.

Check out PureWow's take on the Mediterranean Platter!

4. Gourmet Grilled Cheese 

If you feel like having comfort food, a gourmet grilled cheese is the lazy dinner for you. It may seem basic, but you can elevate the sandwich with additions beyond bread and cheese. Try brie and apple, bacon and fig jam, or add a tomato slice with pesto. The possibilities for a gourmet grilled cheese are endless, and it's a great way to use what's already available in your fridge!

Want more combinations? Check out 50 recipes from Good Housekeeping!

5. Bean Salad

Canned beans are a pantry staple, so why not let them be the star of a dish for once? Typically we add beans as an afterthought, but they're actually great as the main event! Take any beans you have available and add onion, herbs, spices, and chopped raw vegetables for a simple lazy Sunday dinner. It's filling and quick, and you can keep leftovers as a side dish for weeknight meals or workday lunches.

There's a reason Inspired Taste named their recipe Ridiculously Easy Bean Salad.

6. Sheet Pan Chicken and Vegetables

When there's only one pan to clean after cooking, it's always a win. Sheet pan chicken is not only straightforward and easy, but it's also healthy. Simply choose whichever veggies are left in your fridge, season the chicken, and add everything to the pan and into the oven. Remember to add items according to cook time so more delicate veggies don't burn and heartier veggies cook through.

Want to taste the rainbow? Try Well Plated's gorgeous recipe! 

7. Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Shrimp make for the perfect lazy dinner because of how fast they cook. You will have an incredibly flavorful dish in minutes with a bit of butter, lemon, garlic, white wine, and herbs. Combine them with rice, pasta, or quinoa for a complete meal that you'll want to make on repeat. You won't believe you could cook this delicious dinner in under 20 minutes.

Although there isn't much to preparing this dish, you can follow Taste of Home's recipe as a guide!

8. Slow Cooker Pot Roast

There's nothing easier than throwing ingredients into a Crockpot. Although pot roast takes a long time to cook, the slow cooker will do all the work for you. In the morning, combine your ingredients, start the pot, and enjoy the savory smell as it cooks throughout the day. Another benefit of a pot roast is that the clean-up is exceptionally minimal. The comfort meal will be pre-prepared when it's time for your lazy Sunday dinner! 

Check out Cooking Classy for pot roast that looks as good as it tastes.

9. Taco Soup

Another recipe that relies on canned items you likely have sitting in your pantry is taco soup. Ground beef, beans, canned veggies, and a few other ingredients combine for an easy meal that’s sure to warm you up. After the ground beef is cooked, add the ingredients to your pot and let it simmer as you return to your favorite series. Top the soup with sour cream and avocado to make it feel like you ordered take-out from your favorite Mexican restaurant!

Tasty has you covered for the taco soup recipe that the entire family will love.

10. Baked Ziti

Nothing screams comfort food like a baked pasta dish! With just 15 minutes of prep time, baked ziti is a go-to lazy Sunday dinner. If you don't have ziti, feel free to use whatever pasta is available in your pantry. You can also combine shredded cheese with either mozzarella or ricotta. It can also be made with meat or without. With so many ways to make it perfect for your taste, baked ziti is an easy-to-assemble, delicious meal to add to your Sunday dinner rotation. 

You won't regret trying the Pioneer Woman's iconic baked ziti recipe!

Ready to Upgrade Your Lazy Sunday Dinner?

With these ten inspiring meals, your lazy Sunday dinner will become something to look forward to! Get creative with what you have left in your pantry and fridge for versatile, fulfilling meals that tackle food waste. Remember, just because something is easy to prepare doesn't mean it can't taste incredible. Whether you try all of our lazy Sunday dinner ideas or just a few, your meal will be ready with ease so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your well-deserved weekend.

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