Thanksgiving Dinner: The Grocery Inflation Rate

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the grocery inflation rate running at historic highs we decided to take a look at what Thanksgiving dinner might cost you this year. Unsurprisingly, our findings show that costs are up across the board. In fact, aside from a moderate decrease in the cost of stuffing, everything from the traditional turkey centerpiece to the pumpkin pie dessert will cost you more this year than it did last. Overall that adds up to an approximate 14% increase for the cost of the meal. This is in line with the market research firm IRI’s estimate of a 13.5% increase and the overall grocery inflation rate of 13%.

Finding Relief From The High Grocery Inflation Rate

Although some of the typical methods to save money on groceries may be less applicable for Thanksgiving Dinner, there are still some avenues to find relief from the unrelenting grocery inflation rate. Some notable examples include:

  • The Aldi Price Rewind Program is set up to match 2019 prices on an array of Thanksgiving related items. That equates to savings up to 30% on these products.
  • Lidl announced its 2022 Thanksgiving basket for 10 people will cost less than $30. This includes a 13 lbs Turkey at just $0.49 cents per pound, 3 boxes of stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie mix and crusts, cranberries, sweet rolls, and an array of other Thanksgiving classics.
  • Walmart, the nation’s largest grocer, is also getting into the rewind game, rolling back prices to 2021. While it’s not as dramatic of a deal as the discount grocery chains Aldi or Lidl are offering there are still substantial savings to be had.

While the topic of inflation may be unavoidable this Thanksgiving, dinner itself can serve as an example that with a bit of savvy shopping savings are still achievable.

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