In our inaugural feature update we’re highlighting some core features of Budgeat to love: Meal Plan Generation, Shopping List, and Inventory Management.

In future posts we’ll provide periodic updates on new features as they’re released. For a more detailed overview of all of the core features and how to use them check out our Getting Started Guide.

Meal Plan Generation

Budgeat is a meal planner first and foremost. Once you provide us with a bit of information on your budget, dietary preferences, desired cooking times, and skill level we’ll provide you with a suggested meal plan. You can go through the initial plan and swap out recipes as you see fit until the meal plan is perfect for you. As you rate more recipes and add disliked ingredients over time your meal plans will get better and better each week. 

Shopping List

The shopping list is an integral feature to simplify life. Each week once you’ve finalized your meal plan a shopping list will be created. The shopping list automatically accounts for what you already have in your inventory (more on that below), so it only includes items you’ll actually need to buy. The shopping list is broken down by aisle / shopping category to make your shopping experience a breeze. You can also add items outside of your meal plan into the shopping list so you have everything in one place. Once you’ve purchased your items just check them off to move them into your inventory.


Inventory management might not be sexy, but it’s where a lot of magic happens. This is where we help you keep tabs on what you have in stock. It’s organized by the area of your kitchen items might live in, includes the quantity of each item, and allows for tracking of expiration dates. During the meal plan generation process we’ll always shop from your inventory first, so if you have half a tub of sour cream leftover from last week’s meal plan we’ll suggest recipes that will use up the remainder before it goes bad. Most items in your inventory will be added through the shopping process, but rest assured you’re also able to add and track items here that never hit your shopping list. Inventory management for the win!