1. Where can I find more information on how to use Budgeat?

Review the other help documents and tutorials in this section for resources on how to use the app. If something isn’t covered there please reach out to beta@budgeat.app for help.

2. What if I find something that doesn’t look right, encounter an error, or have feedback to provide?

If something seems off, you’re not sure how to get something done, or you have an idea for an improvement please reach out either through the Gleap interface (just shake your phone vigorously to bring it up anytime while using the Budgeat app) or by sending an email to beta@budgeat.app

3. What if I don’t like a meal in my meal plan?

When you’re creating your meal plan for the week you can simply swap it out! Check out the Calendar page tutorial to find out how to edit a meal plan.

4. How much will this cost?

One of the core goals of Budgeat is to save you money. While we need to charge for the app to cover our costs, we always want the cost of the app to be less than the savings it generates for you. While we haven’t finalized our exact pricing structure just yet, know that we’ll always aim to save you more money on food costs than what we charge for the use of Budgeat.

5. How does Budgeat know what I have in my inventory?

Because Budgeat provides you with a grocery list every week as well as a meal plan it can track what you’ve purchased relative to what you’ve used in the meals you’re preparing. There are also opportunities to add one-off items into your inventory in the app outside of the meal planning process. As you use Budgeat for a longer period of time it will build a better and better understanding of what you have in stock and use those ingredients in future meal plans.

6. Where does Budgeat get its recipes from?

Budgeat gets its recipes from a variety of sources. This includes third party companies who specialize in providing recipes, our own team members, and other collaborators.

7. Can I add my own recipes?

We don’t support that just yet, but we’re alway evaluating new features and may at some point in the future offer this capability.

8. Which countries does Budgeat operate in?

Our initial focus is on the U.S. market and the app will work best for users living there. Over time we’ll expand support for other countries and regions.

9. Which diets does Budgeat support?

Currently we support the following diets: vegetarian, vegan, and everything eater. We're working hard on adding more recipes to the platform and increasing our support for a broader range of diets.

10. How does Budgeat reduce food waste?

Meal planning has been proven to help reduce food waste. Our inaugural post on our “Food for Thought” blog covers the extent of the food waste problem and how meal planning helps address it in greater detail.

11. Why is my name listed as "Apple User"

If you use your Apple ID to sign up your name will default to "Apple User" and Apple will automatically create a proxy email for you due to Apple's privacy settings. To edit this simply navigate to your Profile Details after you've signed up and edit your name and email address.